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I have a dream one day I will be able to go to a  job where the following things are considered normal and sensible.

  • So I need to be working at a work bench.  I need a computer to do my job.  What I need is a notebook computer instead of a stupid budget desktop PC–I hate having to walk across the room every five minutes to to flip a switch.  Damn you forever, Remote Desktop and all of the IT monkeys who champion it as the cost saving solution!  I’d rather just go sit at my workbench and–wait for it–do work at my workbench instead of having to remotely connect from my cubicle.
  • More than one test environment so that when we’re getting ready to ship a product, different teams can perform this amazing concept called “working in parallel.”
  • Being able to know that when I approach my workbench, I’d know if anyone borrowed anything because they’d have sent me an e-mail letting me know that need something, and when I might be able to get it back.  If I had a voice mail-box that would be fine too.  Just let me know before I get ready to start where I left out and find out all of my preparation was for naught.
  • When I’m supposed to build my work on top of someone’s prior work, it would be nice if they made the a list of the things I need to make their crap work.  I grow tired of trying to use their work, only to find it is depending on X, Y and Z, which are dependent on A, B, and C, respectively.

The list is much longer, but I die a little when I start to think about it.


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