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A Walk about Charleston

The weekend before last weekend was quite hot with high humidity.  This past weekend was the opposite, with a cool breeze and mid-autumn temperatures.  No doubt, I was in paradise!  Nothing better in autumn than a good walkabout, eh?


This bridge links Charleston to Mt. Pleasant, and while Mt. Pleasant is a nice, upscale suburban area, I must say I prefer the liveliness and action of downtown Charleston.  I really do love cities, no matter how small they are…


And old river boat fixed up for tourism….believe it or not, Charleston’s biggest industry is tourism.  Outside of tourism there are a few major corporations, along with the US Air Force and the US Navy Nuclear Submarine Training School


Another million dollar estate on East Bay St.–many of the properties we saw in Charleston were up for sale…I suppose the past year has not been to kind to those who invest in real estate for pure profit


I love this photo, it reminds me of all of those UK films and TV shows I used to watch while growing up.  Not London, no, but some small city in the UK…with Charleston’s ties to Colonial America, it is not a far stretch of the imagination!


A pilot ship for when the big ships come into harbor


A judicial center — Charleston is littered with boutique law firms and small court houses, and I can only assume that once upon a time Charleston was once an important law center in the Eastern USA.  I don’t know if it is today…it is rather geographically isolated and left out of the 21st century.


Really, the street was not properly balanced!  What can you expect in a place like this with colonial sidewalks?    In historical Charleston, the houses line the streets, and the garden courtyards are hid from public view, with a small entrance like this on the street to tease the passer-by.


This building was for sale actually…if you have a cool million waiting to be spent.  Be forewarned though, if you buy it, tourists and Charleston wannabes like myself will take pictures frequently!


This guy was rocking out on his banjo, but sadly, no one was dropping him a buck or two.  It is a well known fact that banjo players suffer from guitar discrimination…


Along East Bay St…


Storm clouds are about…time to say goodbye to the dear city…


Is there really a Royal Norwegian Consulate in Charleston????  Maybe that is why the cruise ships will start launching from Charleston next year…

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