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On Music

I really ought to be writing about the Eurotrip, but I hesitate still.  Perhaps I know it will take time, but I doubt that is it.  I just have not had time to internalize the trip yet, honestly.  I’m an internalizer, I need some down time to internalize everything, but when we returned I jumped back into full swing immediately and work–always work–has been occupying my mind these days.  I miss Berlin though.

So…music–sparked by this article in the Atlantic.  For the longest time when someone asked me about music, I replied that I did not like music.  I suppose that is partially true.  I prefer to listen to the news or language learning materials when killing time in the car.  I don’t care for anything broadcast on the radio, and even when I hear something I like on a rare occasion, it is spoiled by pretentious wankers such as the host of NPR’s piano jazz program.  Furthermore, I still listen to all of the CDs I bought in the early 90s, and I find that I like them better now than I did at the time.  Perhaps it is age, but I can appreciate the lyrics more–I guess that is life experience?

My issue with music is that it takes so much time to find music that one likes.  Every few years I’ll accidentally discover an album I like and I’ll listen to it until I get sick of it for years.  Granted, online stores like iTunes help because they try to suggest albums that others bought, but finding music I like is still like searching a haystack for a needle.  I must admit that I loved visiting the CD shops in Tokyo and finding some album that I had no idea about.  In a city you have time to kill while waiting to meet someone, or before going to a business meeting or a work party.  It is funny how human cities are compared to parking-lot wastelands like Charleston.  Once has time for simple things in a city, but in the suburbs you just go from point A to point B and do the job.  No wandering into book stores or music stores, just wait in the car and get on with the job.  Just get on with the job, yeah?  Times like this I really miss Tokyo, Taipei and now Berlin.

For some I suppose that the hunt for good music is part of the fun, but I never have and still do not have the time to pursue “music”.  I have a friend in Tokyo who is constantly finding new music and every time I meet him he has new music.  For him music is his hobby, but my hobby, if I can really say that I have any after my son was born, is language study and reading. I just don’t have time for “music”, and I guess that makes me a square.

I do like music, it is just that I am picky, and you probably won’t like what I like anyways.  I’m very lucky that I have a job where I can listen to music while I work.  Oddly, the only time I feel like listening to music is when I am working.  So I’ll listen to what I like in the privacy of my headphones and we’ll all be happy with that.  I might be enjoying Bach’s harpsichord or some 80s kick like the Cure or whatever, but I’m getting the job done and that is good enough for us all.  I’m getting the job done, but my mind keeps wandering back to the city…

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First video project

I should be working on uploading my Eurotrip photos, but instead I have finally gotten around to figuring out how to use iMovie to edit videos.  I’ve been taking videos for two years and they are just sitting on my hard drive.

This first video is a short clip to complement the 2008 Road Trip post.  I had never in my life seen a beach that was neither sandy nor cliff-like and rocky.  This one part of the coastline of Toyama prefecture has small rocks that were smoothed by years of the surf grating them against one another.  The sound was very unique and I am not talented enough to describe it with words.  Those the wind in is strong, this video, especially at the very end, captures the sound.

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