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It is only June but the heat is intense.  Some days the high is 36*C with 60%-70% humidity.  The sun is intensive here in Charleston, just twenty minutes in the sun and you can get a quite a sun burn.  As soon as you step outside, your hit in the face with a cloud of moisture.  After a minute you’re breaking a sweat on your forehead, after another minute the sweat starts to roll down your back.  After five minutes your shirt is drenched and sticks to your back.  You can feel the sun rays quietly roasting your skin, and you also look for a path with shade so you can make stop the burning sensation on your skin.

Charleston is deceptive with the heat.  The breeze from the Atlantic ocean is pleasant and you think it is not as hot as it really is.  The green everywhere makes it look a lot cooler than it really is.  I can understand while all of old traditional houses have large covered porches, some with electric ceiling fans installed.  The porches offer retreat from the oppressive sun rays, and the idea of sitting in a rocking chair on the porch under the electric fan and sipping on a glass of iced (unsweetened!) tea with a lemon wedge certainly sounds good.

While I’m not enjoying the heat, my tiny herb garden seems to like the sun and humidity.  My two basil plants are growing healthily and getting quite large.  I made a walnut-basil spread for a hand rolled Italian style pizza last night with some leaves from my Genovese basil plant.  I’m going to have to make some pho or some Thai dishes soon for the Thai Basil.  My cilantro plants are not doing very well actually, I suspect that the Thai basil is sucking the nutrients and water out of the soil.  Perhaps it is a stronger plant?


My Genovese basil plant


Thai basil and cilantro — I need to trim the Thai basil a bit

How about the England-US game?  I was really surprised with England.  The English team was not very aggressive in the first half and they didn’t seem to have a strong passing game.  Rooney seemed to wake up near the end of the game though, and the English team did get more aggressive too.  Both teams were really sloppy on defense and there were a lot of yellow cards.  The US team didn’t really take that many shots, they seemed to have a lot of trouble getting the ball up the pitch.  The English team was just quicker I guess.  It looks like the UK and US Ambassadors owe a steak dinner to each other?  Wonder how that will work out…

Brazil plays Tuesday!!!

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