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Hot Winter

I recently switched from paper to electronic notification for my electrical utility, SCE&G,  I was browsing my account history on their website this morning and I found the following to be most interesting for January 2011 vs January 2012.

Year                  2011 2012
Avg Local Temp        43F  52F
# of Days above 70F    1   8
# of Days below 30F   12   2

This January was noticeably warmer than the previous.  What really stands out is how many days have been over 70F (21C) this year versus the last.  Today at lunch when I went to my car, the car’s thermometer read 78F (25C)!!!!  What happened to winter in January???  While it was nice for idle activities, when I went for a walk this afternoon, I broke into a sweat and was rather uncomfortable.  It felt like April!!!

Don’t get me wrong, I am not against warm days with no humidity.  It is just that I like and prefer four seasons.  In Winter I want to be cold, and in summer I want to feel the warm air on my skin, and maybe even break into a sweat!  Experiencing this makes me look forward to each season as it approaches.  And just as I have tired of one season, the next is shortly on its way and I can take refuge in better weather.

Sadly, the Lowcountry of South Carolina has only two seasons.  Warm, and ungodly hot and humid.  I really need a trip to Sweden…


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